I Do, Take Two: Second Wedding Gift Ideas For Your Partner

Posted on: 6 June 2016

Due to the nature of second weddings, couples very rarely register for gifts. Often, second weddings can arrive at a time when grown children may already be on the scene and finances are more stable than those of a young married couple. For these reasons, second-time nuptials can be celebrated in a simpler way by showing greater focus towards each other when it comes to gifts.

Whether you're remarrying your partner or starting life with someone new, you'll want to set your new wedding apart from your previous one with a truly unique gift. This could be something that reflects your partner's personal interests or one that will strengthen the bond between yourself and your new family. Here are a few second wedding gift ideas to get you started.

Take a trip

If a honeymoon doesn't feel right on a second wedding or out of your price range after the cost of your big day, a modest trip away together can be one of the best ways to start married life. Honeymoons can add too much pressure to be insanely romantic, whereas a simple trip focuses on time away together and space to connect, or re-connect as the case may be, in new surroundings.

Swap the clichéd image of palm trees and crystal waters for somewhere that's perhaps closer to home and closer to your hearts. A weekend retreat in the place you first met, for instance, or the location of your first date can be a personal paradise (and shows that you're paying attention - far more romantic!).

A gift that keeps on giving

Chances are, your partner may have received the usual gifts of jewellery and similar keepsakes overtime, so it may be wise to push the boat out and give them a gift that may spark a new passion in them. This may be a one-off gift certificate for a week of ballroom dancing, a cookery course or even a year-long membership to a museum or art gallery.

These activities could be something you can share together or just something to indulge your partner with, such as a membership to a spa or golf club, a wine tasting session or a chocolate box subscription for the foodie your life.

Plan a surprise theme

Since both or at least one of you will have already experienced a very traditional wedding in your youth, what better way to surprise your better half than by planning a special theme for the day? Planning a surprise theme can be a gift in itself, since you'll provide your partner with an amazing and personable day to look back on.

Unless your partner has their heart set on specific motifs and decor for your wedding day, keep up the pretence of a simple low-key day whilst working on a surprise theme with the help of an event hire package!

Assuming you have a flexible budget, you could theme your big day based on...

  • Your partner's favourite sports team - team colours for decor, 'half-time' snacks for the reception and groomsmen and bridesmaids dressed in team sportswear.
  • Their favourite TV show or film - have fun with a bit of cosplay by dressing for your wedding in character costume with themed food and games to match.
  • Their hobby or passion - if your partner loves surfing, for example, have it at the beach and serve up seafood. If they're big on the '50's, go all out with a jukebox and an American diner-style menu. Use your partner's loves and roll with it!

Family values

If your new beau has children from a previous marriage, consider a gift that he or she could enjoy with their children. This could be anything from a gift certificate for a day of outdoor activities, a trip to Disneyland (for younger kids) or a night of dinner and the theatre.

Involving your partner's family in the early stages of celebrating your nuptials not only strengthens your bond as a couple, but will provide a great opportunity for you to bond with the people that are most important in their life. Ensuring step children feel wanted (no matter how old they are) can help to dispel any uneasy feelings between both sets of families, and will create a smoother transition into what can be a momentous change for everyone.