4 ways a preschool dance class can help prepare your child for school

Posted on: 8 June 2016

If your little one has not had experience in childcare or creches before they start school, the change in an environment can be quite a surprise. Doing some fun structured activities with other children can be a great way to prepare them for the more structured experience of kindergarten or preschool. Following are a few reasons you should consider enrolling your child in a preschool dance class.

Your child will begin to learn to follow instructions.

In the structured environment of a dance class, students need to listen to the teacher and follow instructions. This is a great way for kids to practise listening and following instructions in what can be a distracting environment with other excited students around. A dance class is an enjoyable environment to practise this skill as the instructions are usually quite fun for the children so they want to carry them out, and the duration is short enough that even young and inexperienced students can keep enough focus to last the class.  

Your child will develop motor skills, balance and co-ordination.

Developing motor skills and co-ordination is an important part of dance, and it also helps to prepare children for future physical activities. These skills are often known as 'physical literacy', and they will help children better understand their environment and movement within their environment, providing them with more confidence in future physical activity scenarios they might encounter in school.

Your child will learn thematically.

Dance classes are often structured in a way that each lesson follows a theme such as 'seasons' or 'animals'. It can be a great way for active children who prefer to move about to learn. Not everyone suits book learning, and some students take in concepts through movement, which is known as kinaesthetic learning, much more easily. If your child has this style of learning they may pick up ideas such as their ABCs and numbers more easily through dance and song than through listening to books. 

Your child will have a chance to be creative.

Children are naturally creative creatures. It can be useful to give them some skills to use this creativity, and learning how to move and create shapes with their body can be a great way to explore their creativity in a useful way. Dance is particularly good for active children who may not yet have the patience to sit down to quieter creative exercises such as colouring or drawing. 

If you have a preschooler who is full of energy but may not seem quite ready for the structured school environment, a preschool dance class can be a fantastic way to get them prepared for formal schooling.