Things to Consider Before Having an Inground Pool Built

Posted on: 14 June 2016

The thought of having an inground swimming pool built and installed on your property can be really exciting, but don't rush into the decision. There is a lot to think about even before you start requesting quotes from pool builders. Here are some of the first things you should be considering when you decided you want this type of swimming pool.

Choose Your Design Preferences

While there might be a lot of things you would like to have with your pool design, not all of them are going to be plausible. You might have limited space or your budget may not call for that waterfall feature connected to the pool. It helps to make a list of all the features and design elements you would like, then list them by priority. Try to choose just a few things that are the top priority for you, whether they are the size or layout, a pool surrounded by grass for your pets, or one that includes water features for aesthetics and entertainment. This gives you a good place to start when figuring out the overall design.

Find Out What the Zoning Requirements Are

When you decide to add an inground swimming pool, you often need to have a permit from the local building office. The first thing you should do before even figuring out your budget and deciding on a builder is to visit the building office and find out what the zoning rules are. There is no reason to even get a quote from a builder if you don't have permission for the pool. The building code office will let you know about any limitations you must adhere to, such as a particular size of swimming pool or how far back it must be from the property lines. You may also have requirements for the types of fence you can get around your property for more privacy when using the swimming pool.

Choose Your Desired Pool Material

When it comes down to the details of swimming pool, one of the first decisions to make is the material of the pool itself. The older inground swimming pools were often made of concrete or vinyl, both of which are still options to choose from. There are also fiberglass swimming pools, which provides excellent benefits to you as well. Fiberglass has virtually no maintenance and a smooth surface, while concrete is extremely durable. Vinyl is less expensive to have installed, but costs more in lifetime costs.

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