Easy Ways to Make Your Next Party Unforgettable

Posted on: 21 June 2016

How much planning goes into your parties? It probably depends on what kind of party you're hosting, but sometimes you just want to throw an extremely enjoyable party that doesn't require a lot of effort. It might be your birthday, or it might just be a party for the heck of it. The trick is to keep it simple and to just set a few things up that will allow the good times to roll. So what are some of these easy ways to plan an unforgettable party?

Keep the Drinks Simple

People will generally bring drinks to a party, but you will probably want to provide a few as well. Don't overthink it. A selection of beers is appropriate (check what's on special at your nearest bottle shop), and some reasonably priced wine is also a good idea. Fill a paddling pool with party ice to keep drinks cold. You could do the same with your bath, but the paddling pool can be placed on your patio for easy access (and your guests won't need to wait for someone to finish using the toilet before they can grab a drink). To make things extra special, you should also provide a bowl of punch, and this is incredibly easy to do.

Fill a large bowl with wine. Leave some space at the top for the extra ingredients. Red wine is perhaps more common in a punch, but white is perfectly acceptable too. The wine doesn't need to be fancy; it's just fine if it comes from a box. Next, add a few shots of vodka if you want a particularly potent punch, and add lemonade if desired. Shortly before your guests arrive, open a bag of frozen mixed fruit and add it to the bowl. As the fruit defrosts, it will chill the punch.

Keep the Food Simple, Too

Unless it's a dinner party, you won't want to spend the entire evening slaving away in the kitchen. Keep it simple. Lightly toast some baguette slices before topping them with mashed avocado and other simple (yet tasty) spreads such as pesto, hummus or baba ganoush. You can also locate a pizza place in your local neighbourhood whose pizzas are square or rectangular. Order a few of these pizzas since their shape makes it easy to cut them into bite-sized pieces. You can arrange a large quantity of tasty treats in practically no time at all.

The Entertainment

At many parties, standing around with a drink while having a chat is all the entertainment you'll need. But you want your party to be unforgettable! Consider renting a rodeo machine or even a bouncy castle (that is approved for adult use) from a party hire company. Why should kids have all the fun when it comes to bouncy castles? Once the drinks start to flow, it's time to bring out another treat. Rent a professional karaoke machine and allow your guests to release their inner singing superstars. It also means you don't have to worry too much about a music playlist. Karaoke is an amazingly simple method for guaranteeing a lot of laughs.

So while a small amount of planning is required, it's really not that hard to host an enjoyable and unforgettable party.