Give your child's pool party a cave theme

Posted on: 22 July 2016

A swimming pool offers a great venue for a child's party, especially on a hot summer's day. However, because children love spending time in water, there is always the risk of too much sun exposure during an event like this. Hire a marquee big enough to cover your whole pool area and not only will you reduce this risk, but you will also create the perfect environment for an unusual party.

Setting the scene

Children love to explore.  They also love stories about unusual places like far away mountains, magic lakes and enchanted caves. With a little imagination, a marquee with drop sides and some decorating, you can combine at least two of these and create the perfect magic environment for this party.

Creating the cave

Caves usually tend to be gloomy and even a little bit spooky. To create this atmosphere it would be most effective if you can keep the interior of the marquee fairly dark. This would work best if you hold the party in the evening. You do need to remember, though, that you will need to be able to see the pool clearly so that you can watch the children as they swim.

To mimic the atmosphere of a dark cave during the day, there are a few things you can put in place. First, ensure that the marquee is large enough to be placed over the pool area while still allowing ample space around the pool to decorate. The sides of the marquee must be down and securely fastened. Also, keep the entrance as narrow as possible to mimic the opening of a cave. You could even try to ensure that it stays closed most of the time or, alternatively, use black fabric suspended from the marquee to create a screen over the entrance and through which anyone entering the 'cave' has to push.

Use potted plants (which can be hired from a nursery) to create secret corners in the marquee.  Make sure that these are well away from the pool so that the children do not trip into the water when they are pushing past the plants. Some of the plants can be right up against the wall of the marquee. Others may screen a secret area, like a little nook in a cave.

Suspend brown fabric from the marquee to mimic interior walls that create other passages in the cave.

Purchase a few flotation devices in the form of animals from your local pool shop. These will be the 'monsters' of the cave pool which the kids can float on.