Why Hoteliers Need to Introduce a BYOD Strategy in Their Facilities

Posted on: 7 June 2018

It is necessary for the hospitality industry to introduce BYOD so that customers can have a vast experience of services. With competition becoming stiff in the industry, it is important to offer something unique that others in the industry do not offer. The following are some of the reasons why hoteliers must encourage BYOD.

Clients Navigate Their Devices with Ease

Most individuals are familiar with their tablets, smartphones and other devices that they use for entertainment. Allowing people to carry their devices gives them an easy way to use the gadgets as they wish. This also limits the possibility of clients destroying items that they are cannot use properly. People also get frustrated when they cannot easily control gadgets in the hotel that might also require security logins.

Controlled Cost of Operation

BYOD allows hospitality institutions to manage costs incurred by buying company-owned devices. For instance, it may be expensive to buy a tablet or Bluetooth speaker for every room in a hotel.  When individuals bring their own devices for entertainment purposes, then institutions can use the money to run other operations. Services can also be made better so that the clients have quality time during their stay.

Customers Feel Secure

Most times when people are made to use gadgets that are provided by the hotel they feel like they are being monitored. Hoteliers tend to monitor the use of their electronics. They also track them to ensure that malicious people do not check out of the hotel with their property.

However, with effective BYOD policy, institutions would not be worried about losing their property. Once a client checks in a hotel room, he is provided with the password to use data services. Clients may also be shown how to connect their gadgets to inbuilt televisions in the hotel rooms.

The Firm Remains Secure

Hoteliers do not have to worry about sensitive information that may be stored in some of their gadgets. When clients use their own devices, hotels are not at risk of having their security features hacked. Company-owned electronics may be used to store information which may get into the wrong hands if not secured. Institutions are safe when customers use their devices.

Clients Access Same Services

It is a wonderful experience for customers when they can use their devices to receive the entertainment services provided by a hotel. Customisation makes customers feel special and always come back again.

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