4 ways a preschool dance class can help prepare your child for school

Posted on: 8 June 2016

If your little one has not had experience in childcare or creches before they start school, the change in an environment can be quite a surprise. Doing some fun structured activities with other children can be a great way to prepare them for the more structured experience of kindergarten or preschool. Following are a few reasons you should consider enrolling your child in a preschool dance class. Your child will begin to learn to follow instructions. [Read More]

I Do, Take Two: Second Wedding Gift Ideas For Your Partner

Posted on: 6 June 2016

Due to the nature of second weddings, couples very rarely register for gifts. Often, second weddings can arrive at a time when grown children may already be on the scene and finances are more stable than those of a young married couple. For these reasons, second-time nuptials can be celebrated in a simpler way by showing greater focus towards each other when it comes to gifts. Whether you're remarrying your partner or starting life with someone new, you'll want to set your new wedding apart from your previous one with a truly unique gift. [Read More]

How to Improve Your Tone as a Clarinetist

Posted on: 3 June 2016

One of the challenges of playing the clarinet is developing a rich, warm tone; after all, a tone that isn't developed can sound one-dimensional and weak. If you're a beginner clarinetist or you simply want to improve your playing, working on your tone is just as important as practicing scales and etudes. Read on for some ideas on improving your tone that can easily become a part of your daily practice. [Read More]

Why You Should Choose Detachable Cables for Your DJ Headphones

Posted on: 23 May 2016

As a professional DJ, you need quality equipment that resists breakage and lasts as long as possible. That even includes the tiny elements like your headphone cables. When buying headphones, you typically have the choice between permanently attached or detachable cables. Here are four reasons you should opt for DJ headphones with detachable cables: 1. Detachable cables are inexpensive and easy to replace. Cables are one of the most vulnerable parts on a set of headphones. [Read More]